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Cats are just wonderful creatures. As with dogs, cats need patience and understanding, but even greater care must be taken with our feline friends, as they are more fragile and temperamental, thus often making grooming more difficult and time consuming. This is why only a few groomers will groom cats. I offer a full grooming service for all cat breeds here at Poochy Woochy.

As with dogs it is equally important to get cats used to being groomed early on. All cats are different, with varying needs and personalities. Some cats are more relaxed away from their own territory, so it is better for me to groom them here at Poochy Woochy. For those that dislike going in their cat boxes and having a car journey, I can offer home visits.

A question I often get asked is “do I groom older cats”?

Yes. Older cats can suffer with arthritis, so I provide extra gentle care whilst handling and grooming them. Cats also have a tendency to get stressed more easily (as we do) with age. Enabling them to relax with a gentle massage is always a good way to start their grooming experience. For those older cats with wrinkly and loose skin, I use a different method of grooming to ensure that your cat is as safe and comfortable as possible during his/her visit.

As cats get older, they can find it harder to move and contort themselves as they did when they were younger. This can result in your cat not being able to groom his/her own coat as well as they used to, resulting in matting. If this is the case for your little kitty, you may consider having him/her professionally groomed for the sake of his/her comfort.

cat-grooming-at-poochy-woochyLong and Short Haired Cats Welcome!

You may ask yourself “why I should go to a groomer if I have a short haired cat”? Well … as most of us know, cats moult, especially at certain times of the year, so it often helps to visit a professional groomer, thereby reducing the risk of fur balls. But grooming cats is about much more than this … as, for many cats, a good massage or just simple human contact can be beneficial in helping your cat to relax and be at ease with other people. In addition, massage can improve his/her coat and skin condition, due to the stimulation of natural oils which can help prevent dandruff. I like to encourage owners to do this on a regular basis at home for reasons just mentioned, but with the added advantage that any changes on your cat’s body (such as lumps) can be detected early.

I can also check your cat’s claws and trim them if required.

Long haired cats can be groomed in many ways. The most common grooms are a simple comb and brush out of dead, moulting hair, or even a shave down. Many owners opt for the latter when their cat’s coat is knotted or matted.

Some cat owners choose to have a lion cut groom as it makes their cute little kitty look like a wild cat of the jungle. So if you would like your cat groomed but aren’t sure what is best for your cat, then please contact me and I will also do my very best to help.

So don’t forget … as your local cat groomer in Norton Cross, I can groom your cat in my purpose built parlour or visit you anywhere in the Runcorn area.

I can offer anything from just simple combing and brushing, through to scissoring and clipping – I look forward to seeing you and your feline friend.

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