Welcome to my dog behaviourist page.

You may ask, why a dog groomer also specialises in dog behaviour?
dog-behaviour-1Well the answer is simple. First I decided to study dog behaviourism to help dogs when they were being groomed. As I have found sometimes dogs can have had bad grooming experiences in the past which makes it very difficult to groom them afterward because they have learned to fear being groomed. My training and experience has enabled me to understanding dogs and to calm them, help overcome their fears and build their confidence hopefully to enjoy being groomed. dog-behaviour-2I then later decided to go further into dog behaviourism and the understanding of dog’s needs. This enabled me to help customers who were asking me if I knew how to help them with varying issues. So if you have any dog behaviour issues or problems please don’t hesitate to ask if I can help you. Sometimes through not understanding our dog’s needs we can make mistakes and unintentionally cause our dogs to have problems. It can be a great help to get a behaviourist in to advise you when you first get your puppy or dog in order to give them the right start in your home before any issues arise, or, if you get an older dog, to help you understand the needs of your new best friend. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Testimonials / Reviews

Poochy Woochy
“Mary has been coming to my house for a few years now and on each occasion she is more passionate and loving towards my felines than the last time! It is always a pleasure and I'm greatly appreciative of the service she provides!”