Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of some of the more commonly-asked queries I receive:
Q. Can I stay with my pet while he/she is being groomed?
A. In my experience it is far better, safer, more relaxed and calm if the customer lets me groom their pet without them there. This enables me to bond with their pet, give 100% attention to the groom without any distractions and makes it an all-around more positive experience for pet and owner. As sometimes it can be stressful taking your beloved cat or dog to the groomers. it only makes things worst if your stress is passed onto your pet.
Q. How often should I get my dogs nails cut?
A. It depends on the type of exercise your dog is given. Does he/she get walked on grass or pavement? A general answer is every 6 to 8 weeks. I will always check your dogs nails for free and only charge if they need trimming.
Q. Should I bath my dog is he is matted?
A. No, as mats tighten and get worst as they coat dries. This causes your dog a lot of pain and can cause skin problems and sores.
Q. Can I cut my dogs mats out with scissors myself?
A. No, I would advise not to, as it it easy to cut or injury your dog by doing this. They should always be shaved with clippers by your groomer.
Q. How often should I bath my dog?
A. It depends on what breed your dog is and this varies greatly. It can depend on what your dogs like doing e.g. jumping into muddy ponds or pools, their coat and skin type and condition. A very general answer would be once a month if needed, or you could visit me and I will advise.
Q. Why does my dog have to be shaved down if he/she is matted?
A. Matted fur is very tight knotted hair that is very close to the skin and like a blanket fleece. It is impossible to comb out – it would cause your dog a great deal of pain, might even bleed and most definitely make them very nervous to be groomed in the future. It would also cost a lot of money because it would take a groomer many hours to do it. The only ethical/humane thing to do is shave off the matted fur and start again.
Q. Do you do my dogs anal glands?
A. Yes, I can, but it is better to go to your vets to have this done as if there is a problem your dog is in the right place to receive treatment.
Q. How often should I treat my dogs to prevent fleas?
A. Every month, there are lots of products on the market. You can ask me what I would recommend or your vets or pet shop.
Q. Can you provide cheap dog grooming?
A. Our grooming prices are excellent value for money. Because both dog and cat grooming is tailored to the individual pet and its breed, we can’t publish prices but we’d be happy to chat before grooming your pet to give you a realistic quote.
Q. Do you provide a pick up & deliver back service for my pet?
A. We may be able to do this; we’d give you a quote beforehand as we’d take into account the distance we would need to travel.
Q. What about discounts?
A. Yes we provide discounts to our loyal customers – give us a call for details.

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