Grooming Facilities

dog-grooming-walk-in-showerThis is a photo of my grooming room, built to my own design to help all my dog and cat visitors to be happy, comfortable and relaxed here at Poochy Woochy.

I also only have one-to-one appointments, so no dogs are left in cages waiting to be groomed or to be collected by their mums or dads. This also enables me to give each visitor 100% of my attention. I decided to run my business like this, as I would want my dogs to be treated like this with care and professionalism.

I have a purpose built walk-in shower, which is designed to make it easy for dogs to get in and out of (without being enclosed), thereby reducing the risk of stress.

I have a large parking area on my driveway which enables easy pick up and drop off.

I also have a safe and pet friendly enclosed garden, where your dogs can have a play either before or after their groom.

I am proud of my business and hope you and your pet enjoys visiting Poochy Woochy Grooming and my purpose-built pet grooming facility.

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Testimonials / Reviews

Poochy Woochy
“My 5yr old lhasa apso Brandon suffers with terrible anxiety and doesn't like being away from home or taking car journey. We've had some nightmare visits to groomers. He can be very snappy and has on numerous occasion bitten almost anyone that went near him with a brush! The result, a very smelly, overgrown, matted apso. Both dog and myself were utterly terrified about our visit to Mary, even though I had warned her how he could be. The journey in the car was awful. On arrival he was upset and ...