blog-flea-and-tick-treatmentHello to you all! This blog may seem like a rant, but it is not. It is purely to make pet owners aware of the importance of treating their pets for fleas and ticks regularly. And if you aren’t sure how often to treat your pet ask a pet professional. I am always happy to help, so give me a call or read one of my blogs which I try to make as helpful as possible. There are lots of flea treatments on the market and I can only advise which brands I use and know work well. I always buy my flea and tick treatment from a vet, but you can also buy them at Pet shops and chemists. My advice is don’t buy cheap products as it could cost you dearly in the long run, as if your pet/pets get fleas you might end up having to treat your whole house, i.e. everywhere your pet is allowed in your house, which works out very expensive as you then have to visit the vets buy a good flea treatment for your pet and sometimes the flea or tick bites can cause an infection which will need treatment with antibiotics. The simple way to avoid all this pain and discomfort for your pet (and worry for you, the owner) is treat your pets regularly – most flea and tick treatments should be applied every month. I always mark my calendar when the treatment is due and when I treated my pets. You could do this too or put a reminder in your phone. Another rule of thumb is to be very careful not to touch your pet after treatment is applied. Also not to allow your pet to get wet too soon after application either; this means don’t bath your dog or get him/her wet in the rain. A safe period of time is one or two weeks but this can vary depending on the brand and type of treatment you use.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you have found it helpful.

Mary at Poochy Woochy Groomers.

(By the way, all the pets you can see on this page are happy and comfortable because they receive regular flea and tick treatment).