On Friday I visited a couple of fun loving Yorkies in Warrington.  I groom them in their home as they don’t travel well.
Their owners always wipe little Sonny’s and Missy feet when they come in from a walk.  I advised them to do this as it is good to keep them clean and you are able to check your dogs feet for cuts or any other problems.
I was advised that one of the dogs had a limp.  When I groomed the dogs feet I found that the fur had matted in-between the pads causing the little dog pain.  All was better after her groom as I removed all the matted fur and trimmed her feet and toes.  When I was leaving Missy was running around like a little puppy!

Points to remember

  • Always clean your dogs feet after a walk so you can check their feet.
  • In the winter it is advisable to keep your dogs feet well trimmed to avoid any possible problems.

If needed you can make an appointment for a foot trim and check – I offer free nail and feet checks.

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