A nervous little Lhasa Apso visited me today for a groom. This very nervous little girl has had an assortment of groomers trying to groom her and her owners said she has had some weird hair do’s.  Out of desperation they have even tried to groom her themselves.  This poor little girl got more and more uncomfortable and nervous when being groomed.  So Lucky’s Mum and Dad decided to search Google for a groomer to help them.  I was very pleased that they found me and decided to trust me to groom their precious little girl Lucky.  I give every dog a one to one grooming service in a relaxed atmosphere.  I have gentle relaxing music playing in the background and use relaxing aromatherapy candles mostly lavender scents, which seems to have the best relaxing effect.
Lhasa Apso

This photo isn't of Lucky but instead a picture of another Lhasa Apso that needed a short coat because of a skin condition

 I am a specialist in grooming nervous dogs.  I welcomed little Lucky and let her get accustomed to my grooming studio whilst her Mum and Dad told me all about Lucky and gave me details about her problems and her issues with being groomed.  Lucky also had a skin condition which means she is more comfortable if her coat is kept short. Lucky settled with me and her Mum and Dad popped out while I started to groom Lucky.  I gave her lots of cuddles with grooming breaks and play.  I built Lucky’s trust in me and we seemed to bond.  I was able to give Lucky a full groom which included a bath, nail trim and a full body massage with special dog aromatherapy products.  I massaged Lucky after her groom which relaxed her further.  Her Mum and Dad came back and where pleased with her groom and how happy and relaxed Lucky was. I look forward to seeing Lucky in the New Year. If you have a little dog that doesn't like being groomed and you are at your end of your tether trying to find a groomer that understands your dog give me a call on 01928 717037 or 07899 736140 and I will try to help.