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Westie being Groomed, Warrington, CheshireWelcome to Poochy Woochy Dog Grooming. I provide a professional grooming service for any size, breed, cross-breed or Heinz 57 dog. So, whether your dog is a giant or a mini he/she is always welcome.

Poochy Woochy offers anything from nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathing, to a full groom or anything in between. A full dog groom includes: bathing, drying, de-matting, clipping, trimming, ear cleaning and nail clipping. Or, why not try my bath and dry service? It will leave your dog’s coat beautifully clean and smelling fresh.

My doggy shampoos and other grooming products are suitable for most skin and coat types. I use all-natural shampoos and also have a hypoallergenic range for dogs with sensitive skin. I do not use cage dryers, but prefer the more humane hand drying method. I also have a range of sweet smelling doggy scents to make your pooch smell amazing (only for use on dogs with no known allergies).

Dogs with grooming issues or behavioural problems are also welcome. I am trained in canine behaviour, which enables me to help and groom dogs with particular issues. I am more than happy to discuss your dog’s issues to help me understand your dog so that these issues can be overcome to enable your dog to be groomed. (See my dog behaviour page if you would like a consultation).

contact-poochy-woochy-for-dog-groomingDog grooming is essential for maintaining a dog’s healthy coat and skin. Many dogs seem to have a great liking for mud and anything else dirty for that matter and if they do not get regular grooms, then problems can often go undetected, meaning they may later need expensive veterinary attention.

I offer a one-to-one grooming service for your dog, so, if your best friend needs a tidy up, then please contact me.

Free ½ hour puppy consultationfree puppy consultation from Poochy Woochy dog grooming Runcorn

Did you know I give free Puppy Consultations?

As soon as puppy has had all his/her vaccinations and the vet has said that it’s fine to socialise, make a free 30 minute appointment with me.

I will be able to give you lots of info about the best way to groom your puppy and hints and tips to help you both, between grooms.

Why not read my blog post about your Puppy’s First visit to the Groomer?

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Testimonials / Reviews

Poochy Woochy
“Harvey the miniature schnauzer was terrified of a brush and comb we went to Poochy woochy and met Mary who advised us the best option was to strip him short and allow him to get used to being groomed and combed. When we came back we were met by a baldy relaxed happy dog. Mary had worked her magic on Harvey he was so happy and totally at ease, over the last seven months Harvey has been to Mary three times for grooming and shaping he is so pleased to see ...