017 What can I say I think this picture says a thousand words?   Not getting your dog’s nails trimmed can cause may problems, it can cause your dog’s nails to break which can be very painful and sometimes can cause infection if not seen to by a groomer or your vet.  If your dog gets a nail infection is very painful for your lovely dog and can be expensive at the vets to get it treated.   Long nails can also cause foot deformity as in this picture. Which can also cause lameness or difficulty for your dog walking? If you can imagine having really tight and very uncomfortable pinching shoes that hurt with every step then you might come close to understanding how painful it is for a dog to have very long nails that need cutting.   Also sometimes when a dog has very long nails they try to change the way they walk to stop the pain this may cause further problems with bone deformity and foot deformity.  All this can be avoided if you get your dog’s nails checked and cut regularly.   I offer a free nail check to all of my regular customers.  So if you are not sure if your dog’s nails need attention gives me a call and book an appointment.  Looking forward to hearing from you.