Today I had lovely Miniature Schnauzer visit me at my grooming salon in Norton.

Poor little chap had skin problems.  His owner takes him to the vet regularly for treatment but he asked me if I had any ideas that could help Alfie.

I asked what type of food Alfie is fed.  I suggested he change Alfie’s food for a hypo-allergenic dog food as some dogs are wheat intolerant and this might help.

Alfie the  Miniature Schnauzer - his skin was better after his groom

My other suggestion was to make sure that Alfie’s coat was cut short regularly to enable his skin to breath.

I have noticed that dogs with skin problems their condition can worsen , if their coats are left too long.

My customer agreed with me that Alfie’s skin always seems to improve after he has had a groom.

If you have any similar questions about your dog – just Contact me.