Very bad matted dog hairI am always saddened when I see a very uncomfortable matted dog in my grooming studio.

Sometimes the owners don’t realize that their dog is in such a state, or how horrid, painful and dangerous it is for their lovely dog to be in this very bad matted condition.

Very bad matted dog hair and uncomfortable

On a brighter side, the joy a matted dog feels when he or she is free from their jail of matted fur – it makes my heart sing.

Grooming isn’t always about making a dog look like a show dog – grooming is about doing the best for your best friend, your precious dog.

Matted dog - uncomfortable Shih TzuMatted dog - pre groomed Shih TzuI love doing show type grooms but you don’t look after your dog’s coat in-between grooming appointments your dog can develop a matted coat.

These two super natured Shih Tzus enjoyed a lovely play in my garden after their groom!

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Groomed comfortable dogs
Groomed comfortable dog