My mother in-law came to me the other day saying she had just noticed someone walking their dog in the midday Sun.  You know the saying, don't you.  Only mad dogs and Englishmen walk their dogs in the midday sun."  Crazy if you ask me. If you feel hot imagine hot your dog must feel in his/her fur coat. Or if you can't, put your winter coat on and just go for a walk for 10 to 20 minutes in full sun and see how uncomfortable you feel. A customer came to me to groom their dog and asked what was the best time of the day to walk his dog and he was panting a lot when walked.  I replied early in the morning if possible say before 9 am and again in the evening say after 7 when the heat of the day is gone and the temperature has dropped. Many of my customers have requested that I groom their dogs coats short for the summer so they are more comfortable in the heat.  Putting their dogs comfort first.  Tips If you have to walk your dog when it is hot:-
  •  Try and walk dog on shaded walks as in Norton we have some lovely walks,  Windmill Wood, Bigwood Walk and some areas in town Park.
  • Always take water with you so you dog can have a drink on his/her walk.
  • Also it goes without saying that it would be best for your dog to be groomed regularly and cut short for the Summer.
  • Another tip is to wet or dampen down your dog's coat with cool water before you go for a walk to help them keep cool.
Lastly enjoy walking your dog and keep safe in the sun.