At this time of year a lot of people want to give their dog or cat a winter groom, but are concerned that the Groomer might take too much off their best friends coat and they might feel cold or a little chilly.

This is the super gorgeous Rocky a St. Bernard who visited me for a light trim and a bath. Isn’t he handsome?

At Poochy Woochy I offer all kinds of grooms to suit your and your dog’s or cat’s needs. I will always ask you lots of questions to make sure I fully understand just what is wanted.  I will then check your dog’s or cat’s coat to make sure it is possible and suitable for your pet to carry out the groom wanted. If your pets coat is in good condition I can usually give you the groom requested. If the coat is matted or in a very poor condition I will always discuss the best options for your pet and let the customer decide which groom is best for their fluffy best friend. Some people love their dogs to have a full coat at this time of year as understandably it is a lot colder now. And other customer’s want a full groom with a short clip as their dog gets very hot in the house with the heating on.  And they will wear a doggie coat on their walks.  Some customers just want a light trim to make their dog look better and a little bit more comfortable.  And the last category is a groom to remove any dead moulting hair a bath to make your loved one smell better and a nail trim.  Whatever grooms you would like to have I try to accommodate if possible.
060These lovely girls (above) visited me at Poochy Woochy a British long hair Cat and a British short hair cat. They both came for removal of dead hair and a general groom which included a claw trim. I love it when I meet such great Cats with the most loving nature.
To the left we have a gentle little boy; a lovely Border Terrier. His owner asked me to give him a trim to tidy him up but still leave him with enough of his natural coat so he wouldn't get cold on his walk. I feel so spoiled when he visits we have lots of cuddles.