161Once puppies have had their second injection, it is usually safe for them to go out for a walk and mix with other dogs.  This may then be a good time to introduce your puppy to a groomer. Your puppy’s first visit to the groomer is extremely important for you and your puppy to enjoy the experience and for your puppy to build a very special relationship with your groomer.  It should be a relationship of trust, respect and affection.  Your puppy is very precious to you, so you will want him/her to be in a relaxed, safe, friendly and caring environment.

238I offer a free puppy consultation of up to 30 minutes.  I understand fully that you may wish to meet me and check out that I am the right person to groom your puppy. On your first visit, your puppy will get used to the sights, sound and smells of the grooming environment. During the visit, we will discuss his/her grooming needs and I will give advice on how to maintain your puppy’s coat.

039It is very important that you get your puppy used to his/her head, face, ears, eyes and feet being touched so it won’t feel strange to him/her when visiting the groomer. If you wish for your puppy to have a puppy groom, such as a little tidy up, trim around the eyes, feet, bottom and nails and/or a bath, it is usually best for puppy to be left with me while I do the groom so we can build our puppy-groomer relationship.  It is also safer for your puppy to have his/her attention only on me whilst being groomed so they he/she is not distracted or over excited.

097A full groom for your puppy can only be done when your puppy’s coat is mature.  This can vary depending on breed and size of dog. A general rule of thumb is your puppy’s coat isn’t usually ready for a full groom until they are around 5 to 6 months old. I hope I can help allay any fears or worries of finding a caring good groomer.  I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you and your puppy for his/her fist visit.